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Eco Tourism Certified

Focused on a unique & authentic sailing experience for a small personalised group
of guests, caring for our environment, learning, in a natural, relaxed & fun atmosphere.

  • Big Mama Sailing is genuinely proud to be ECO TOURISM CERTIFIED⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ since 2013.

  • We offer a unique and authentic sailing experience for small groups of guests focussed on caring for our environment, in a natural, relaxed & fun atmosphere.

  • We are committed & passionate about our oceans, reducing environmental impact as much as we can, sailing(rather than motoring) & we have snorkelling procedures in place, with a guide, tender & floating devices, to reduce environmental impact while educating our guests to respect our Reef & marine life.

  • Some examples to reduce our carbon footprint & emissions, all our boats are fitted with solar panels, wind generators, water desalination, LED lights & more.

  • Sailing & spending time on board our yachts also educates our guests the importance of conserving water & the importance of appreciating cultural understanding & sustainability, which is naturally provided on board by our crew, normally one on one or in small personalised groups.

  • Our environment, especially the ocean is very important to us, especially being a liveaboard yachty family, sharing our lifestyle, home & ocean backyard with YOU!

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