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Big Mama Sailing is owned and operated b

The Crew

Our home is a yacht- Big Mama

Big Mama Sailing is owned and operated by Lisa, Stu, their son Fletcher and little sea dog Coco!

They live on board Big Mama and love welcoming visitors to their floating home. 

About your crew

Our passion for the marine tourism industry inspired us to follow our dream of owning and operating our own charter vessel (dreams do come true). 11 years later we are still happily sharing our home, lifestyle and backyard with others.

We are proud that we have expanded our business, 2019, by restoring our second sailing vessel, Ragamuffin 111.


Stu has been sailing since he was 8 years old and for the past almost 40 years has been working in the marine commercial industry, as a mate/snorkel guide, skippering, engineering on vessels and also as a skipper.

Lisa has been sailing and working in the commercial marine industry since she first met Stu over 29 years ago whilst living in Townsville and working for Coral Princess Cruises.

Both completed our Master V and Marine Engineer Driver 111 commercial tickets and have been skippering vessels prior to owning and operating Big Mama Sailing.

In 2004, we welcomed a new yachty aboard with the arrival of our son Fletcher. 

Fletcher has lived on board all his life & he is home schooled.

Fletcher is a competent crew member and has gained many important life skills. He also has gained his Master V, Marine Engine Driver 11 & STWC.

We have sailed extensively in the waters of Australia, the Torres Straits, The Gulf, PNG &  SE Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand).

It is how we live.

It is our lifestyle.

We love what we do.

Our Vessels-
Big Mama & Ragamuffin 111



BIG MAMA was built to replace a yacht of the same name and size, but different design, between 1989 and 1995. Big Mama is a well known North Queensland built local vessel. She was built at Wyalla Gardens, in Bloomfield River, Cape York, Far North Queensland, Australia.

The cabin and hull are steel, with high tensile being used below the waterline. The naval architect was Joe Adams, with the ‘Scheel’ keel designed by Henry Scheel. The Master Yacht Builder was Olgut Upite, originally of Latvia.

Tradesmen and shipwrights included Oly’s 3 sons, Robert, Nick and Chris, as well as carpenters Ken and Mark Zippel and hull fairing by Geoff Freestone.

We purchased RAGAMUFFIN 111, a 48ft German Frers design, in March 2019 as a restoration project. She has a colourful history of racing - well known for her involvement in the Sydney to Hobart Race. Naturally, she is fast, but she also boasts of an impressive saloon and generous deck space.

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