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Sailing Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia

We welcome you into our home.
We offer a unique & memorable sailing experience for small personalised groups.

BIG MAMA, is our beautiful 18 m (60 foot) sailing yacht(ketch rigged) & we live on board.

We are owner/operators and our names are Stu, Lisa, Fletcher and our small dog, Coco.

We invite you into our home and offer a unique and memorable sailing experience for up to 12 guests on our day sails and up to 4 (5 MAX) guests on our overnight sails.

Please review our entire site thoroughly we have been sailing these regions most of our lives and know we can show you much beauty above and below the ocean surface.

But every charter group is different.

And not all yachts suit all guests.

Rather than ‘sell’ you a charter with us, only to learn too late that it is not a good fit, our objective in this site is to give you the information you require to make a good decision.

We do not wish to engage the ‘wrong charter’ any more than you do. Just about everything you need to know should be here. And of course we will be pleased to correspond.

Our objective is to ensure the vessel, crew and destination suits your interests and your capacities.

BIG MAMA is a Family Friendly vessel and we attract families, couples and solo travellers from all over the world and of all ages.

Whether novice or expert sailor, non swimmer or snorkeler, whether adult, teen or child, we cater to all interests and skill levels within the limitations of safety, your itinerary, weather and ‘ocean sense.’

Incidentally, you may find these details useful as points of importance when searching other sites for your ideal charter vessel. Websites designed more to ‘sell’ than ‘inform’ often leave out important details about which guests don’t know to enquire.

All The Best in your search for the ideal Sailing Adventure & always feel free to contact us for any further information!

Cheers Lisa, Stu & Fletcher( & little Coco) X