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Sailing Adventures- Mission Beach,Queensland

 Welcome to BIG MAMA. Our beautiful 18 metre (60 foot) Ketch-rigged charter yacht operates all year round(weather dependant) other then February and March which is our wet season,time to do maintenance on Big Mama and have a short family break.

Please visit our Big Mama Sailing FACEBOOK page & TRIP ADVISOR Reviews.

If you are interested in any of our cruises departing from beautiful Mission Beach, Queensland either Reef Sailing to the Great Barrier Reef, Island hopping and exploring the Family or the Barnard Islands, Whale Watching or a Sunset Cruise please review our entire site thoroughly. We have been sailing these regions most of our lives and know we can show you much beauty above and below the ocean surface.

Not all yachts suit all guests. Rather than ‘sell’ you a charter with us, only to learn too late that it is not a good fit, our objective in this site is to give you the information you require to make a good decision. We do not wish to engage the ‘wrong charter’ any more than you do.

When you join us aboard BIG MAMA, you are effectively living in our home. Depending on what you are after in a yacht charter, this has certain advantages.

With BIG MAMA being our home at sea and land, the safety of our family and common sense are required and we maintain her to the highest standard.

BIG MAMA is a Family Friendly Yacht ideal for small personalised groups of 12 or less to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether novice or expert, sailor, snorkeller or explorer, whether adult, teen or child, we cater to all interests and skill levels within the limitations of safety, your itinerary, weather and ‘ocean sense.’

Incidentally, you may find these details useful as points of importance when searching other sites for your ideal charter vessel. Websites designed more to ‘sell’ than ‘inform’ often leave out important details about which guests don’t know to enquire. The fact that more than 80% of our guests come via word-of-mouth is testament to guest appreciation of the “real thing” over fantasy!

All The Best in your search for the ideal cruise and sailing experience!

Lisa, Stu & Fletcher