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Wholesome Meals

Delicious, plentiful & prepared onboard with love

Meals are important! 

They can make or break a charter. 

With constant movement of the yacht, even at anchor, a lot of energy is consumed in a typical day. So nourishment is essential. And it should taste good and be fresh.

To make your meals memorable, we try to use as much seasonal produce as possible & support local businesses. The tropics provide an abundance of fruits considered exotic anywhere else. 

And, of course, most locations provide us with an abundance of fresh fish.

We need to know about food allergies & requirements. We have had plenty of guests who can not eat shell-fish, garlic or onions. And even more who were vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy or non-wheat.

We provide plenty of icy water and Lemon cordial.

Feel free to BYO beverages.

We provide wine glasses(in plastic) and serviettes.

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