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Snorkelling is one of the most popular activities on our charters. 

Magnetic Island, the Palm Islands offer fringing reef.

Fringing reef grow near the coastline around islands.

Snorkeling on board Big Mama, is visibility and sea condition dependant, as the best bays to snorkel around Magnetic Island are exposed to our strong south easterly trade winds approximately April to September, but we do our best to show you the better fringing reef & marine life on Magnetic Island on the day! 

Later in the year when our Easterly to North- Easterly winds prevail, we can enjoy snorkeling the bays on the southern side of the island. 

Magnetic Island is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and perfect for any level of snorkeler- Beginner to experienced! 

If you are wanting to snorkel the Outer Great Barrier Reef our Private Reef Sail OR Overnight Charter is our only option.

There is other local charter vessels in the area offering diving/snorkeling on the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Free Diving – a favourite activity of the crew. 

Free diving is snorkeling at depth, without the use of SCUBA gear. 

It is a lot of fun and easy to do, with a little practice and instruction.

Fletcher is a great free- diver!


SCUBA – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. 

We DO NOT offer SCUBA diving on BIG MAMA, for several simple reasons. 

Avid SCUBA divers normally want maximum ‘bottom time’ every day. 

That means re-filling air tanks, requiring lots of equipment that does not comfortably fit on a 60 foot sailing yacht. 

The large ‘dive boats’ are motor driven and move from location to location at high speed.

The leisurely sailing pace of BIG MAMA is not suited to this type of movement. 

Most of what is interesting to see while snorkeling for our guests is close to the surface – within a metre or two. 

And the ease of ‘suiting up’ for snorkelling, as opposed to SCUBA, allows more time in the water, or simply walking off the beach onto a fringing reef.

Guests looking for SCUBA will find many different charters at all price points along the Great Barrier Reef Coast & we can suggest our local companies in the area.