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BIG MAMA is a Ketch-rig sailing vessel.

Her primary means of propulsion is the wind in her sails. 

The engine comes in handy when the wind isn’t quite right to get us where we want to go within our time constraints. 

Of course, we prefer wind.

She sails beautifully and guests often take a turn at the wheel. 

Of course, for maximum efficiency, we also have autopilot(an extra crew member).

As a ketch, BIG MAMA has 2 masts: a main mast and a shorter mizzen mast, rearward of the main mast and forward of the rudder post.

All-in-all it is the ideal rig for comfort in our waters and the enjoyment & safety of guests.

Sealink Magnetic Island Race Week starts  the 31st of August until the 6th of September.

Our day time charters will experience sailing close by to the race area as a spectator vessel or Big Mama is available for PRIVATE CHARTER.