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Private Reef Sail- Magnetic Island

A wonderful opportunity to sail to the Great Barrier Reef and snorkel.

Our Reef Sail is an amazing and memorable day & is a PRIVATE Charter option ONLY.


A full day on the water

We provide morning tea (scones, jam/cream) and afternoon teas,(coffee/tea, biscuits and a Tropical fruit platter) and a  Wholesome BBQ Lunch( same as Adventure Sail) and snorkelling gear, wetsuits, UV suits supplied. 

Environmental Marine Tax included.

NO hidden costs.

We cater for all our guests different levels of swimming & snorkelling.

We snorkel in two different reef spots so our guests can enjoy the diversity in the marine life and reef.

We spend between 2- 3 hours on the reef.

What part of the Great Barrier Reef we visit???? 

Is always a surprise and a adventure!

It all depends on the weather conditions, currents and tides on the day of your sail.

Departure time- 9am 

Return time -5:30pm


This option is not available from Magnetic Island as the Outer Reef is too far away, approximately 3 to 4 hours sailing one way. 

We prefer locations like Mission Beach or Mourilyan Harbour(the closesr port to the Great Barrier Reef) & we only offer this sail option as PRIVATE CHARTER ONLY.