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BIG MAMA was built to replace a yacht of the same name and size, but different design, between 1989 and 1995.

Big Mama is a well known North Queensland built local vessel.

She was built at Wyalla Gardens, in Bloomfield River, Cape York, Far North Queensland, Australia.

The cabin and hull are steel, with high tensile being used below the waterline. The naval architect was Joe Adams, with the ‘Scheel’ keel designed by Henry Scheel.

The Master Yacht Builder was Olgut Upite, originally of Latvia.

Tradesmen and shipwrights included Oly’s 3 sons, Robert, Nick and Chris, as well as carpenters Ken and Mark Zippel and hull fairing by Geoff Freestone.

Originally designed to accommodate 3 – 5 crew and up to 12 guests, she was operated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park by partners Haskell, Gloor & Haskell, from 1995 until it was sold to us early 2012.

We have reconfigured her as a live-aboard yacht for ourselves & for the comfort & welbeing of our guests.

We operate within the GBR Marine Park, based in the Magnetic Island/ Townsville area, Far North Queensland.