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The Crew- Stu, Lisa, Fletcher & Coco(the sea dog)

We are the owner/ operators of BIG MAMA SAILING

and our names are Stu, Lisa & our son Fletcher.

We live on board Big Mama with our 12 year old son, Fletcher and his little mate Coco, the sea dog.

Stu has been sailing since he was 8 years old and has been working in the marine commercial industry, firstly as a mate/ snorkel guide, skippering and engineering on vessels then as a skipper, for around 35 years.

Lisa has been sailing for over 22 years and  has worked in the commercial marine industry since she first met Stu living in Townsville, working for Coral Princess Cruises over 22 years ago.

Both Stu & Lisa, have completed their Master V and Marine Engineer Driver commercial tickets and have been skippering vessels within Australian waters prior to owning and operating Big Mama Sailing.

We have been very fortunate and always hard workers, so we have gained a very diverse experience in the marine industry from tourism vessels, pilots boats, fishing vessels, deliveries, salvage, restoration, towing and so much more. 

We LOVE this industry & so proud 'our dream came true' to own and operate our own commercial vessel.

We have always been passionate about yachts/boats and have worked hard to salvage and rehabilitate many run down vessels.

This is challenging and rewarding work and this experience has enabled us to know what it takes to restore, own and maintain the ideal commercial live-aboard vessel. 

On the return of one of our cruises through SE Asia we were excited about expecting our son, Fletcher in 2004.

We lived on board Clair de lune, a Halvorsen Freya 47, until 2012, which we sold to move on-board BIG MAMA.

We have spent the last 6 and a half years working hard to improve Big Mama, to make her more comfortable, safe for us & our guests.

Through the 'hard yakka'(lots of work) we have gained a extremely professional, genuine and consistent commercial sailing vessel operation.

We LOVE sharing our home and lifestyle with others!

Fletcher is a very passionate sea going boy, who loves snorkeling, travelling, fishing, exploring ,'the simple things' in life and growing up on-board yachts.

He has lived on board all his life & has lived on three different yachts including Big Mama, but all the other vessels smaller.

We home school our son, which is a load of work, but suits our lifestyle and Fletcher.

This allows Fletcher to learn, gain life skills & have the freedom to be a unique & interesting person.

He has become a very competent crew member and probably drives our tender better then me(Lisa).........

I do not like to admit it.....but it is almost true.......he has the natural marine ability like his Dad & we are very PROUD!

We have been living aboard our yachts for a many years - Stu since early childhood,Lisa over 21 years & Fletcher, all his life.

We have sailed extensively in Australian waters, Queensland coast/ islands/ reef, Torres Straits, The Gulf, PNG &  SE Asia(Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand).

It is how we live.

It is our lifestyle.

We love what we do.


We look forward to having you all on board.