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Medical Matters & Responsibility

To ensure an memorable experience- Please read carefully!

Big Mama Sailing does not take responsibility for loss of personal items, theft or minor injury while participating in any of our cruises.


Our duty & safety to our guests is both important to us and acknowledged as conscientious operators of a boating venture. This approach is formed on the clear understanding of the nature of our operation and the embedded requirement to be conscious and considerate of the many dynamic circumstances in play while in a marine environment.


As part of our operational understanding we also believe and rely on the ability of our mature visitors to reasonably assess and determine their own capabilities when choosing to participate in the cruise and their individual levels of engagement of activities. This process we find works well and removes the need to implement a standardised regime which could preclude an individual from participation based on their own assessment.


It is our practise to accept ,where practical to do so the self assessment of our guests and attempt to accommodate where there are no demonstrable hazards to the contrary, believing the visitor to be the best judge of their own abilities. We find this a reasonable approach in allowing our guests to fulfil their expectations within there own personal levels of engagement resulting in a more personal experience.


Our skippers, need to know about any medical issues, particularly matters than can impact an activity or result in an emergency. We can be hours or more away from emergency facilities. So being aware of potential complications is essential for all guests, vessel and crew safety. Guest medical information is confidential. But, we need to know so everyone has a wonderful and stress- free sailing experience.

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