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Sailing Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia

Magnetic Island is located within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage, only a short 25 minute ferry ride from Townsville. 

Magnetic Island is a hidden gem and boasts of having around 320 days a year of SUNSHINE!

We are based in Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, but we are also happy to pick up/ drop off at the Breakwater Marina, Townsville for Private Charters and large groups. Later in the year, when the Northerly winds prevail we will pick up/ drop off from Picnic Bay.

The island boasts of a total of 23 pristine bays and beaches, and many of these are only accessible by boat or watercraft. 

Sail on board Big Mama and we can explore these bays/beaches with you!

Magnetic Island is 70% National Park, approximately 5184 hectares. The island is home to koalas, rock wallabies, brush-tail possums, an abundance of birds and more. 

The island has many walking tracks to enjoy & view the wildlife. 

One of the most popular being the Fort Walk, where koalas can be seen in the wild and the views from the Forts are spectacular too!

Magnetic Island has a permanent population of around 2500 people– Living in Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia and Horseshoe Bay 

(where Big Mama Sailing is located).

Captain Cook never landed on Magnetic Island while sailing past on June 7th, 1770, but as he sailed pass he recorded in his journal, that the island had a magnetic effect on the ship's magnetic compass.

The island has a variety of accommodations, great restaurants/ cafes/ bars and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy including sailing & boat trips, kayaking, water sports, kayaking, bus tours, jet skiing, horse riding and more.